Mainland - Permission Slip

| Keith
I'm pissed, I'm stripped
Of all my faith in everyone I miss
You talk, big talk
Like your so right and I'm so wrong
But I don't need no permission slip
I don't need no kiss on the lips
I'm doing fine, doing my time
Buying wine and drinkin' all alone at night

California grown Mainland mix a fun and carefree west coast attitude with polished yet gritty east coast heart, style and vibe. Their body of work, as far as I can tell anyway, is limited but very promising. They've got a couple of EPs out, and a few recent singles, which I expect means an album is on the way.

Today's Most Important, "Permission Slip" is a catchy indie rock anthem that brings a terrific "oooh weee oooh" hook to skippy dance beats. If that doesn't do it for you there are other options. Try "Beggars," a polished, sophisticated groove matched with an anthemic hook or "Outcast" for a nice, well-executed and upbeat indie pop cut.

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