Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes - Lullaby

| Keith
Sleep, where have you gone?
It's been months now
And I'm coming undone
I keep being woken
By screams and tears
Sheer fucking terror
Ringing out in my ears

I've thought about featuring Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes a few times recently, as I think their 2015 release Blossom is really interesting and seems to pop up my rotation quite often. Lucky me! They've got some solid new stuff that's finally given me the impetus to get on with the sharing.

Frank Carter hails from the UK and was the singer for hardcore punk outfit Gallows until he was replaced by Alexisonfire's Wade Macneil. Which, and I have no idea about the details, was probably a great move for him. Let go the screamo!  

You can still very much hear those punk influences with The Rattlesnakes. But there is much more here and it's good. Really good.

I first caught wind of them with their industrial-tactic hit "Devil Inside of Me" (off Blossom) which reminded me of early 90's acts like Ministry and Nitzer Ebb. 

I think that comparison holds, but there is some level of cleverness that comes out in the lyrics and arrangement that makes them stand out. And then there is the polish and quality production, which I think really works.

This is very evident in their newest work. At the time of this writing, they've got two new singles out, "Snake Eyes" and today's TMIS "Lullaby". They're both terrific examples of well-executed genre blending that results in a sum greater than the parts. Their new album, Modern Ruin, comes out in January 2017.

BONUS TRACK - here's the video for "Snake Syes".

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Fugazi - Waiting Room

| Keith
I am a patient boy
I wait, I wait, I wait, I wait
My time is water down a drain
Everybody's moving
Everybody's moving
Everything is moving,
Moving, moving, moving
Please don't leave me to remain
In the waiting room

1988. The year before I graduated from high school. Also, the year famed post-hardcore band Fugazi released their self-titled EP. 1988. It was a good year.

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