Mansionair - Astronaut

| Kerri

I've been enjoying this mellow grooving song for a couple months now but, ya know, slacking at representing here on the blog. Anyway, the word "Love" in the chorus/subtitle is the only nod you're getting to V-day cuz it's a corporate, made-up for capitalism and sappy suckers, fake holiday. Oh man, just realized the entire word "fake" is ruined these days. But anyway, go about your business today, or love on the one(s) you love - hopefully we all do that at every opportunity anyway. So, Mansionair is a trio out of Sydney (continuations of our Australian music fandom) - and they gained a huge boost in notoriety a few years ago when Chvrches picked them to open up for them on a world-wide tour (heads' up for tomorrow's TMIS), followed by Alt-J doing the same.

RIYL: Japanese Wallpaper, Wafia Classix, RAC

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Young Fathers - In My View

| Keith

Young Fathers are back with a terrific new single, "In My View", which builds and sort of remixes the sound they had going on White Men Are Black Men Too, it reminds me a bit of "Shame" from that album, but more polished and more sophisticated, maybe. Anyway, I'm digging it and looking forward to more from them.

RIYL: TV on The Radio, Wax Taylor, Mount Kimbie, Arca

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Hazel English, Day Wave - PDA

| Keith
Yours is the only version of my desertion that I could ever subscribe to
That is all that I can do
You are a past sinner, the last winner, I'm raping all around me
Until the last drop is behind you
But you're so cute when you're frustrated, dear
Yeah, you're so cute when you're sedated, oh dear

This new Interpol cover from Day Wave and Hazel English has a style that walks the line between early 80's sophistiwave and early 90's shoegaze. It's like Spandau Ballet meets Lush and is a great, chill take on the original.

RIYL: Lush, Jay Som, VHS Collection, Sjowgren

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