Yaz - State Farm

| Kerri

A fun throwback track that floods me with memories. Definitely worthy of a Most Important Song, although not in the band's top 10. This song was never a hit in the U.S. but I must've been friends with some people who had cool older siblings because we used it to choreograph one of our high school competition routines. I don't think I've heard it in 25+ years, and even then it was at least 10 years old. Yazoo holds a special place in the amazing music history of Vince Clarke. If you don't know: he penned and played on Depeche Mode's debut album before leaving them to create this brief (2 album) duo with Alison Moyet, and then went on to partner with Andy Bell and form the everlasting Erasure. Love all that original new wave synthpop awesomeness.