Beck - Up All Night

| Kerri

When you get the rhythm and words all make you cold
When they break it down and this world is all you know
Hands up, you're waving it 'round
Now get yourself together
When you count the dominos fall, it's time to go

Now I'm feeling so far away
I see the colors and all the kids going home
Night is crawling into the day
I hear my voice ringing
The summertime's singing

It's an objectively amazing feat to be a mononymously known, multi-instrumental, multi-decade, multi-grammy winning artist. I have to admit to respecting Beck's artistry, talent, and uniqueness way more than I actually love most of his songs. "Loser" will forever be an anthem - I mean, I was in high school when that came out so of course. The Kanye West weirdness at the 2015 Grammy's was another unforgettable moment. Those things are almost 25 years apart!! He seems like a cool cat and I like this single more than most of what I've heard from him over the years (my personal taste, and maybe about exposure as well -- gotta admit his affiliation with Scientology became a real turn-off for me). Anyway, here's to being weird and making it work, kicking off this week's Most Important Songs. 

RIYL: Weezer, Cake, Beastie Boys, The Dandy Warhols, The Flaming Lips

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