P!nk - Raise Your Glass

| Kerri
I love when it's all too much,
Five a.m. turn the radio up
Where's the rock and roll?

Party crasher,
Panty snatcher,
Call me up if you a gangsta
Don't be fancy, just get dancy
Why so serious?
So raise your glass if you are wrong,
In all the right ways,
All my underdogs,
We will never be never be, anything but loud
And nitty gritty, dirty little freaks
Won't you come on and come on and raise your glass,
Just come on and come on and raise your glass

Like most everyone, I find it absurd that MTV is still holding annual VMAs - or is even a channel - but they are. Silver lining though, Sunday night P!nk received the Video Vanguard award, which means of course she gave a super inspiring acceptance speech (watch below). The gist: Don't change yourself to please others, change other people's minds. Love it, love her. Her voice is perfect, her songs infectious and empowering as well. Cheers to you, Alecia from Philly! Wish I was more like you, but I'm still working on it.

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