BANNERS - Into the Storm

| Kerri

If you're far from home
Broken on a lonely road
Helpless when the sky explodes
Then I need you to know
When you're 'round the bend
Close your eyes and count to ten
I'll walk through hell and back again
Anywhere you go

If your strength is falling down
I'll be right beside you now
And I'll keep you warm
Yeah, I'll keep you warm
I'll follow you into the storm

Not sure if this will be my only nod to current conditions here in Texas - no promises. Currently looking out the rain splattered windows, watching wind-swirled trees and puddles growing into ponds. Pretty safe here in Austin, but hoping Harvey goes away more quickly than predicted. And wishing that the one who keeps me warm wasn't in another state right now. Anyway, did you know Banners is the moniker for an English singer/songwriter? I was kinda surprised at first, thought he sounded more American indie-folk, but then I remembered Ed Sheeran & George Ezra, ha. 

RIYL: Imagine Dragons, Vance Joy, George Ezra, Barns Courtney, Phillip Phillips

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