Coldplay - ALIENS

| Kerri

Tell your leader
Sir or ma'am
We come in peace
We mean no harm
Somewhere out there
In the unknown
All the E.T.'s are phoning home
Watching my life
On the skyline
Crossing your eyes
For a lifetime

Just an alien
Moving target
Target movement
A patch, a corner
Of the spacetime
Just an alien
Turning toward it
Turning pages
Over Asia
Crossing ages
Just an alien
Oh, we just want to get home again

I'm not a HUGE Coldplay fan, though they have some songs that I will probably listen to forever and ever - "Viva la Vida" is one of my favorite storytelling songs, and "Sky Full of Stars" hits my heart right in the sweet spot - but I figured to go with the fresh new release for today's Most Important song. Chris Martin & Co. have always been experimenters and in recent years have found their greatest success in remixes and collaborations that can be played on the dance floor ("Hymn for the Weekend" w/Beyonce remixed by SEEB, the current "Something Just Like This" w/The Chainsmokers) so it doesn't surprise me that their latest single leans so electronic straight from the gate. Kinda weird, kinda pretty, kinda fun, though also sad. Bonus: animated lyric video.

RIYL: Snow Patrol, Oasis, One Republic, Band of Horses

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