Heaven 17 - Sunset Now

| Keith
Blade flew into town
In time to watch the sun go down
He said the new prince must be found
The message shattered our windows
We know it was over, saying
"Tell the boys that we're not handing
Over any part
Of Action Town"

Kerri and I are in Miami, the ultimate Action Town, and when I tried to think of songs that reminded me of Miami, Heaven 17's "Sunset Now" came to mind instantly. It's an old, old favorite and I think it's perfect. It's one of the singles off their 1984 album How Men Are and showcases some of the best of their work. It's got a mysterious storyline, some cheery pop synths, and funky 80's beats. It's one of my favs.

RIYL: Spandau Ballet, The Human League, Blancmange, Ultravox, ABC