We Were Glue - Birthday

| Kerri
I could take you walking in the park
And you would tell me secrets in the dark
That suggest that you don't know me at all
And I just smile and nod away
It really doesn't matter what you say
I'm just glad I've got you here at all
I don't want to be another one of your guys
I just want to be your one guy

Fun find - this Liverpoolian quartet that (in their own words) "writes energetic, rousing guitar music about love and gives a shit about making people have a good time." The debut single from We Were Glue was just last fall! (Bonus: video for that tune included below. Clearly bad acting ftw.) Back to this song, it's their latest release and "about the tendency to have absolutely no idea what’s actually going on in a relationship: just doing anything to please the other person and hoping that you don’t fuck up." Haha. I picked it as a Most Important for it's title - despite the lyrics in regard to forgetting your SO's birthday - I'm actually in NYC this weekend to celebrate Keith's. I would never ever forget, babe -- you are my one guy! Let's go have some good times!!

RIYL: Two Door Cinema Club, Sundara Karma, The Strokes

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