The Royal Concept - D-D-Dance

| Kerri

In a room with both of your rivals
You would always turn it around
Once you go, once you get started
Always had that look in your eyes
You would always reach without trying
I didn't spend this time to fall out
Watch me take my chances on the weekends
You could always read me by heart

I know you're still green but I'll start you a scene that you can write about
When you come around
I know you're still green, girl
I'll start you a scene, girl

Always on the go, keep your head up now
Na na not quite that high
D-d-dance dance dance till you get it right
Always on the go, keep your head up now

Stockholm's indie-pop-rock quartet haven't given us anything new in a few years, but they've announced their rehearsals and that they'll be touring again soon (TBA) so maybe it's time to remind us of their fantastic debut single from 2011.

RIYL: Vampire Weekend, Phoenix, Youngblood Hawke, Smallpools

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