Fictionist - Manic

| Kerri
I'm thinking of you thinking of me
Thinking of you thinking of me
Always thinking...
Somewhere across town
I know you're having a day
While the shoulders of powerful men
In a casual way
Maybe you don't know
You make me nervous

Well, this act just blew a hole in any hubris I was gaining from my year of deep diving into indie and alt (and pop) rock. How had I never heard of Fictionist before? They're from a place I lived for years, they have toured with bands I like, their references and influences are top notch, they came in fourth in a Rolling Stone poll... WTH? Anyway, thankfully Spotify knew I'd like 'em and added their lead single ("Manic") from their newly released album (Sleep Machine) to my Radar. So fun! I've been able to listen to the whole album a few times through now (it's short!) and it's filled with gems and interesting sounds. I almost chose the dancier "Lazarus" or the title-I-adore "We Can Sleep When We Die" but this track hits those moments and swirls in a bit of chaos and is still pop-radio-ready (which is not a pejorative to me). Seems Fictionist is a band that likes to evolve and change with every album, and it's been fun to go backwards to listen to their 2014 and 2011 LPs, all good.

RIYL: Mutemath, MGMT, Paper Route, Phoenix

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