Castlecomer - If I Could Be Like You

| Kerri

You took me out that night, the colours were so bright
The savages might bite if you will not do
I tried to hold your hand, and carry out your plan
But I was not your man, so there was no deal

Once again I change my tune
Always do it just for you
Double down and chase my youth
If I just watch you I could be like...

Youuuu ~
Love, love, love, like
Youuuu ~
Love... If I could be like you

Last time I posted Castlecomer, it was the early single for their first EP, All of the Noise ("an ode to the power of women"), since released, and now this is a post-EP single from earlier this year. They have also since came to SXSW and I was sooooo disappointed to miss them. Recently the Sidneysider lads finished a second tour of Australia, and have announced more music is "coming soon."

RIYL: Junior Prom, Hippo Campus, Vinyl Theater, Knox Hamilton

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