Death From Above 1979 - Freeze Me

| Keith
Tell me what you think are we in trouble?
Feelin' sorry's never really been my struggle
Pickin' up the pieces siftin' through the rubble
Ringin' in the new year listenin' to the double

Are we outside the safe spaces of love?
Are we in space pinned down to spinning rocks?

How you freeze me
We're so cold now

The new Death From Above track is out and it's pretty much what you'd expect; high speed and high energy rock with grinding and funky edge. This time around it might be a bit cleaner and more accessible in some ways, but that works well. I'm digging it and looking for more. Hope to catch them next time they're around as well, always an entertaining live show.

RIYL: The Faint, Muse, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, The Rapture, Band of Skulls

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