Kenna - Freetime

| Keith
Unlike the sun that shines through a crimson sky
I have built these walls so you can't get by
And it's all right, tonight; tonight, it's all right

This past weekend, while at Boston Calling, I heard "Freetime" from Kenna's spectacular 2003 album New Sacred Cow. It really brought me back. In 2003 I was just getting into blogging and, as part of a few regular series I was doing, I posted a review of "I'm Gone" off New Sacred Cow and I made a note to look that up. It's kind of broken, but you can see it here. Pretty cool that Kenna left a comment! Ah, I miss those old days when blogging was just a bunch of nerds with personal sites. I gave New Sacred Cow a listen yesterday and it still holds up. Good stuff, enjoy.

RIYL: Minus The Bear, Badly Drawn Boy, Rx Bandits, Midlake