Joseph - White Flag

| Kerri

Noises closing in from all sides
Warning all the ways to die
They say "you'd better give up
You'd better give up"
I say
"I'll never give up, I'll never give up"

I'll be an army, no you're
Not gonna stop me gettin'
I'll sing a marching song and
Stomp through the halls louder than

I could surrender but I'd
Just be pretending, no I'd
Rather be dead than live a lie
Burn the white flag

For Memorial Day, I thought of this song about standing your ground. I'm more of a "stick flowers in your guns" gal generally, but agree there are things we must fight for. For the record, the lyrics aren't meant to be about war anyway. Lead singer/songwriter Natalie Closner says it's actually about not giving in to fear mongering. Joseph is a trio of sisters out of Portland, Oregon. This track is from their 2016 album I'm Alone, No You're Not - their first release on Dave Matthew's label (ATO Records). 

RIYL: The Wind and The Wave, Waxahatchee, Girlpool, Honeyblood

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