Hawai - In My Head

| Kerri
My heart beats fast out of it's chest
Seeing you dance, what a glorious mess
Was something there, maybe in a stare? 
How can i forget when a kiss was shared
I broke it down, knees to the ground
But the only thing i found: the invisible sound
The night rolled on, it fell into the dawn
I wish you would return 'cause i miss the way it burned

Mostly cribbed from their website (which is much more thorough than most young bands'): Orange County quartet, Hawai (pronounced "huh-why") released debut single “In My Head” in 2015, stirring up a local buzz and gaining spins on KROQ. With its lush guitars, energetic beat, cinematic production, and oh so catchy refrain, it’s liable to stay stuck in your head long after one listen.
Also: Dammit, busy life meant skipping the Knox Hamilton show last night in Austin, and I think Hawai may have opened. SMH

RIYL: Local Natives, Knox Hamilton, Finish Ticket

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