The Japanese House - Face Like Thunder

| Kerri

And you question your lover, did she really believe
That this new taste of love is obsolete?
It just couldn't compete and so you'll
Keep dragging your body through life by the hair
So you can say that you've been somewhere and you don't care
Of your receipt, you're sentenced to death and you can't be reprieved

Babe, you've got a face like thunder
Always trying to get in and under
Just stay still 'til I say it's over
Babe, you've got a face like thunder

Say sorry for what, for what, for what?
You know I didn't mean it
I said something terrible and I tried to redeem it
I can be so cruel but now I don't seem it

The Japanese House were another SXSW discovery, although unfortunately a casualty of my overfull and overlapping who-to-see wish list, didn't get to see [her] perform live. The solo project of Londoner Amber Bain, she chose the moniker based upon a childhood vacation, staying in a thusly-named cottage in Devon, during which she pretended to be a boy. England appears to be the capital nation for androgyny (amongst all the obvious music history examples that leap to mind, see also Eliot Sumner).

RIYL: Imogen Heap, Chairlift, Frou Frou, Christine and the Queens

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