Pixies - Here Comes Your Man

| Kerri
Outside there's a box car waiting
Outside the family stew
Out by the fire breathing
Outside we wait 'til face turns blue
I know the nervous walking
I know the dirty beard hangs
Out by the box car waiting
Take me away to nowhere plains
There is a wait so long
You'll never wait so long

Here comes your man

Since hearing Beach Slang cover them during SXSW, I've been meaning to pick a Most Important Pixies song, and then Keith's punk-pop post on Monday reminded me. "Here Comes Your Man" is probably the least punk of anything in the Pixies discography, and I do love the other classics with their sometimes screaching guitars and indecipherable meaning, but this one is just so perfectly any-era, dark humor aside. Coulda been by The Hollies in the early 70s or The xx today, but it's from 1989, and a band that absolutely helped paved the way for the modern alternative rock scene. 

RIYL: The Lemonheads, Sonic Youth, The Violent Femmes, Modest Mouse

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