The Chain Gang 0f 1974 - Sleepwalking

| Kerri
Maybe we're just sleepwalking
Maybe we're just sleepwalking
Visions of better times
Kingdoms and lilac wine
Why did God fail
To improve us
Teardrops of acid rain
Burning down through my veins
Can't I just sleep for now
Despite my fears
I dance for you
And did what others knew

Kamtin Mohager says this was the first song he recorded for the 2014 (first major studio) album for Chain Gang of 1974, Daydream Forever, but the people behind Grand Theft Auto V approached him around the same time and he was stoked to have this new song be such a big part of that release. Cool story, and cool that he's having continued success with that big bump in exposure. I was excited to see his band perform at SXSW this year, hopefully! (Though announced, I can't find them on the schedule?!?) Also, had to pick this song for today's Most Important because I'm dealing with the sleepwalking-effect of jet lag having returned to the U.S. last night. I just love it when I can pick out a song title or lyric that's on the nose. Such a nerd.

RIYL: M83, Neon Indian, St. Lucia

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