Real Estate - Darling

| Kerri

The black and yellow finches
That nest in knotted ferns
Which hang upon our front porch
Wait for the warm sun to return

Impatiently, as I wait for you
Impatiently, as I wait for you

That night surrenders swiftly
The moon retreats from sight
The darkness that surrounds me
The sun cuts like a knife to shine


The birds singing
The sun rising
As I wait for you
For you, for you, for you

These guys have been on my radar for a few years (notably on TMIS last summer) so I've really enjoyed hearing this new single getting air time on Alt Nation. The lyrics are striking me at just the right time for a re-post of this artist, as I am both impatiently waiting for Keith to get back from Oz (a week or so to go), and also no longer having to wait to see Real Estate live (they will be performing at least 6 times this week during SXSW). 

RIYL: DIIV, The Feelies, Wild Nothing

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