Modern Me - Run Away

| Kerri
Will you run away with me?
We could go anywhere
Run away with me
No way for them to find us
We need to get out, get out, of this picture of a city
'Cause the colors never change here
Only the people I keep looking at

Today's Most Important Song was chosen for it's chorus - because tonight Keith & I are boarding a plane to (finally) take us to Australia (together)! Modern Me's sound is reminiscent of so much that is great about indie music right now, yet it combines to be fairly unique, I think. For instance: the first few seconds of this track sound a bit like the opening to "Giant" but then the music goes in a direction much more like something The Neighborhood or The 1975 would do, and then the vocals are akin to Cold War Kids-meets-Warpaint (or, fine, maybe the male-female combo is more like Grouplove). Anyway, their first single ("Waters", released last fall) is finally getting the play it deserves (on their local San Diego radio station), so hopefully this second single means the full EP and a tour are coming soon. 

RIYL: Of Monsters and Men, Finish Ticket, Miniature Tigers, Lemuria

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