Mastodon - Show Yourself

| Keith
You're not as safe as far as I can tell
And I can tell
Only you can save yourself
Soon this will all be a distant memory
Or could this dream
Be real at all?

Atlanta heavy metal rock outfit Mastodon have put out a few killer tracks recently, building up to the release of their seventh album Emperor of Sand at the end of March. The first, "Sultan's Curse" is the type of relentless rock I'd expect from them, and it's terrific. "Show Yourself", today's Most Important, is a bit more classic sounding, bringing to mind one of my favorite metal acts Priestess. Whatever happened to them?

Bonus! Ok, let's add "Sultan's Curse" here too. We could use more heavy.

RIYL: The Sword, Priestess, Baroness, Torche

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