K.Flay - Giver

| Kerri

Every day’s another shot
But all I do is fuck it up
Screaming cause I’ve got it too good to cry
I put the medicine inside my head
Apologize for all the things I said
Girl it takes guts to just survive

I gotta oh, I gotta find another way
I’m learning to live
I’m trying to be better
I’m learning to give
But I don’t know if I’m a giver

Kristine Flaherty was raised in Illinois and started making music while a psych major at Stanford. It kind of blows my mind that she started out as a hip-hop artist and still describes herself as a low-fi hip-hop-rock hybrid because I first heard "Blood in the Cut" last year and thought it was a pretty lame but solidly alt-rock anthem. Come to find out her make-it-up-as-you-go, true indie cred (leaving behind 60 songs written while under contract at RCA), and that her fans range from Taylor Swift to Dan Reynolds, who signed her to his small imprint and put her on tour currently (with Imagine Dragons). Anyway, this single reached my ears this week (from Everywhere is Somewhere, same album as "Blood in the Cut") and I can't believe how much more nuanced and enjoyable it is. Or how she slipped my notice before all this!

RIYL: Bishop Briggs, Lewis Del Mar, Meg Myers, Grieves

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