Rainbow Kitten Surprise - American Shoes

| Kerri

I love you like the kids love throwing bottles of the bridge
And breaking in to trade your fix for American shoes
For American shoes, I've been dying to lie awake in a room for two
I'll come back, I'll come back for you my love

But love is a bird that you kept in your coat, warm until it died in the dark
And death is the love of what hurts you the most
So you drink your day away till you're warm as paradise

I'm not hurt I'm broken, but I called to say I'm fine
And I heard you had another love, but I'd love you to think I don't mind
The baby in your arms aint mine, but I made believe as though it was
And I didn't mean to call this late but I think I'm in love
With the thought of us

Springing from the Appalachian mountain town of Boone, North Carolina, RKS is refreshing as the local moonshine. Sorry 'bout the clichéd trope. Anyway, I find them to be both melodic and sharp witted. Happy to hear they're working on releasing new music this year. 

RIYL: Day Wave, Kings of Leon, Kaiser Chiefs

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