Kamaiyah - How Does It Feel

| Keith
It was me, Joey B and Cocaine James on the O
Same clique, same friends, never change on my folks
You know hot boys here got them thangs for the low
Wise, pull up straight, swings, switchin' lanes on a hoe
All this money in the world, it's a shame to go broke
Everybody got dreams, some just aimin' too low
If fame is the goal, we can't get along
I aim to be paid, I aim to be great
Every day, all day, young and swangin' my braids
Aw shit, pop champagne 'til it break
Aw quit, ball all ways 'til we came
'Til the grave we'll be rich, we were made to be this
Black and praised with a gift, that just can't be dismissed
Aw shit, it's Kamaiyah
Aw shit, please retire
Hot girl set the city on fire

With Austin City Limits being in town the next couple weeks, you can bet Kerri and I are going to be showcasing some of our favorites, and some hot new shit we've stumbled upon. The festival starts tomorrow, so I'd figured we could warm up with a fresh find of mine.

Kamaiyah's "How Does It Feel" was originally released sometime last year, and is one of a bunch of old school (think 80's) party rap anthems from her full length 2016 debut A Good Night in The Ghetto. You'll love it if you're into awesome retro-synths and 808 beats with clever and fun rhymes flowing along the top like icing on a really funky cake. Love it. No really, that's an order.

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