Camouflage - That Smiling Face

| Kerri
All these words I try to find to say to you
I can't stand a thousand dreams I dream of you,
while you stand beside me,
while you move into my arms.

Driving home Saturday night, listening to the "Safety Dance" set on 1st Wave/SiriusXM, I heard a remix of this song and couldn't believe it. I used to wear this cassette out back in 1988 (or probably '89-'90, wasn't really an early an adopter back in 8th grade). Anyway, despite it's time in heavy rotation on my boom box, I didn't repurchase Voices & Images on CD, and subsequently didn't think to purchase (or otherwise) the mp3s, and just completely forgot about anything other than The Great Commandment. Until this weekend. So, when I saw Keith picked a song from 1988 for Monday, it felt like an invitation for me to do the same. Great minds, and all that jazz.

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