RINSE - Lude Jaw

| Kerri
Wanted it all
Well I want it all
I’m feeling the moods changing more
What’s that all about?
It’s finding the time
To give it a try
I’m hoping that you can change your mind
Or live with a lie

If that what it is
It’s under my skin
I’m watching you run around in love
But not out with him
And I can’t get it right
So I won’t get involved
I can’t be the wall, I hold your hand
That’s where I belong

I accidentally discovered another Australian band (this one shoegazers from Brisbane) that I wish I could see live but they're still too small and unknown to get to me anytime soon. (It's a little comical at this point, when I go to research the band behind the song I like and find out they are from Oz. I swear it's not on purpose, there's just way too many of them to only post when Keith is down under.) Anyway, searching for info on RINSE only links to a neglected Facebook page and a semi-active Twitter account, from which I glean the blokes have moved to England where they have quite a few more gigs than before, so keep grinding boys! 

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