Radkey - Cat & Mouse

| Keith
Are you scared, my dear?
The psychopath is coming is here
Are you used to it, my love?
The psychopath wants you to run
He had you in his gaze
He let you get away for fun
You're running in his maze
His fun has only just begun
You better run, he's coming for you
Nowhere to run, he's coming for you
Nowhere to hide, he's going to take your life
No one to cry to, he's going to take your life

Ok, folks, I've got a super cool band for you this fine Tuesday evening. They're called Radkey, after the last name of the three brothers from Missouri, and they formed in classic garage band fashion; teaching themselves how to play and practicing at home until they got their first break landing a show opening for Fishbone.

They've since released an album, Dark Black Makeup, which pretty much rules, and have toured all over the place. I've yet to see them, but excited to do that as soon as I get a chance. They've got a sound perfect for live music, it's fast, driving and hard and perfect for a good headbang.

Check out "Cat & Mouse", of their debut EP, and if you like that, give their other stuff a listen. It's all good.

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