The Dirty Nil - Zombie Eyed

| Keith
I hope it comforts you to know that I'm alone
Morphine has lied to me, saying: 'it'll be alright"
But I feel I've come to terms with myself and I belong away from your baton, babe
Me and my friends don't feel that weighed down
Work, tear, Lie, fear. I'll be right here
If I'm a dog, then you're a swine
And I'll be clean when you fly


I'm back from Sydney and feeling pretty damn rested. This, after being under the influence of jet lag for over two weeks, has me in a bit of a rockin' mood. Both in that I feel good and that I feel like rocking. Lately, I've been exploring the heavy hitting punk-ish-ness of Canada's The Dirty Nil, so let's start there. "Zombie Eyed" is a like a nice fun spill in the gravel. It might hurt a little bit, but you'll come up smiling and glad you took a spin.

Their latest release, Higher Power, is more of the same. If you dig this, give it a listen.

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