Logic feat. Big Lenbo - Young Jesus

| Keith
Okay, now take a trip inside my mind like you was off to Venice
It’s me and B-I-G L-N-B-O cooking like chemists
Take them back to way back when like Dennis, The Menace
Causing mayhem on the come up like a young apprentice
Smoking weed and getting higher then a flight attendant
Hip-hop descendant, gold Jesus on my pendant
Got to pull it out for everyone that’s in attendance
Okay, back in the day as a college park tenant
Still can’t believe I didn’t get a shorty pregnant
Man. that’s the definition of a life sentence
A whole lot of beef, no bread, no lettuce
Cause I couldn’t keep it in my briefs, man that’s pathetic
Fuck all that back and forth, this ain’t a game of tennis
I'll be in my mothafuckin' chamber like the senate
Scared to go outside but I know I can’t prevent it
I'm, forever alone in my mind
See I’m a self-diagnosed hypochondriac
Either at the crib, or on the tour bus is where you'll find me at
Yeah, I know that I’m livin' like I got it okay, yeah
But I swear that I'm not that neurotic over here, yeah

It's been a little while since we've had some hip-hop here on TMIS, so let's fix that. At the beginning of "Young Jesus" Logic, the self-styled Young Sinatra, intones "What up Bobby? This that 95 shit right here. Take 'em back to the 90s!"

And, that, friends, pretty much sums up what you're about to get, a 90's inspired hip-hop track that hits like it's a collab between Swollen Members and The Wu-Tang Clan. Good stuff. He's got a new album "Bobby Tarantino" out, but I've only been able to give it a brief listen, but it's solid.

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