Paper Route - Chariots

| Kerri
Love is never invincible
It's a musical embodied into a soul
You, you thought of it differently
Treated everything, a moment of memory
You promised me that everything was fair
If it's love or more
But you're giving up the fight
Is it not worth fighting for?

Doing my research, as I do, I just discovered that although Paper Route has been around for over a decade, they've changed band members, and record labels, several times. This single is the second to be released in front of their upcoming album, which will be their first LP from Kemosabe Records, and first with Nick Aranda on guitar, and it's featured in a trailer for the FIFA 17 video game. But, who cares? What drew me to this song? Honestly, I think it's that the opening 20 seconds (the part used in the trailer, incidentally) sound almost exactly like the start of a song I already knew and loved: Heavydirtysoul by TØP. Don'tcha think?? (I mean, I like the entirety of both songs, which turn out very different, but still, I wonder if they paid to sample it.)

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