Mount Saint - Excuses

| Kerri
If I'm a liar
You're the words I'll never speak
On and on the truth that keeps you from sleep
It feels like fire
Hot and burning everything
On and on it spreads and catch on your sheets
And I know
I shouldn't make excuses
But I
I'm on the road

Mount Saint was an LA-based indie pop band that released one EP, last year, and it was lovely. This was my favorite of those tracks. Earlier this month, they officially announced that they have split up, but good news is there are two new indie bands to follow:  Strange Joy and Tolman (Mount Saint singer with her husband, the drummer from The Moth and The Flame and both formerly part of Imagine Dragons. Bonus song embedded below).

RIYL: Chairlift, Kittens of the Internet, Wild Belle

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