Mutemath - Changes

| Keith
Stay where you like
They won't care
You pay for the right
But what is there?
When every place in the world
Is all built up
Every space in the herd
Is all filled up

So yesterday Kerri covered one of our favorites, TøP, and although she didn't pick the song I would have ("Ode To Sleep" FTW) she did a great job. With one teensy, weensy, oversight: she missed the great collaboration that dropped the night before. TøP teamed up with their tour-mates Mutemath to reimagine some of their hits. It's wonderful and you can read more about it here. It also sounds like they had a great time on tour. If you've never seen TøP or Mutemath, do yourself a big favor and do it, they're both amazing live. Seriously, I can't really think of two better live acts.

I've been a fan of Mutemath from the beginning, and have listened to them grow and change over the years. They've covered a lot of musical ground and have done it with style, talent and a unique polish that works like steel thread that ties it all together. They're latest work has swung towards the electronic and groovy, but still sounds like Mutemath, as is clearly evident in today's MIS "Changes".

RIYL: Joywave, Minus The Bear, Pinback, Colony House, Manchester Orchestra

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