The Greeting Committee - Hands Down

| Kerri
Wrapped inside your sheets
Well, I look up to you
Because you look after me
And kiss me till I bleed
I don't want anything
But all of you
I know I swore, I said
I'll never love again
But—man, oh, man—you're my best friend

Baby, you're hands down the best thing about me
And baby, I don't know where I was
But I'm so glad you found me

Baby, you know I love you
More than my words
Know how to show you

Today's Most Important Song is for lovers, or at least the optimistic. Not that I need an excuse to be happy-sappy, but Keith and I are at a good friend's wedding this weekend. Hope everyone listening can grab someone's hand and skip or dance (or imagine doing so, whilst tapping your steering wheel or whatever) to this sweet song, with just the slightest rough edge. Congrats Nishant & Ganga!

RIYL: HoneybloodHUNNYFOXTRAX, Finish Ticket

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