John K. Samson - Postdoc Blues

| Keith
So your presentation went terrible.
All wrong dongle, sweat stains and stares.
Leave the TV on with the sound down low, in your underwear.
Don't despair, you'll get it right tomorrow night in Thunder Bay, maybe.
Don't delay, your day is short, you can't afford to wait.

I believe in you and your PowerPoints.
I know why you can't stay away.
Out on Highway One with a rental car and a lot to say.

"Postdoc Blues" is a fun (if a bit melancholy and apropos considering the events of the week) from The Weakerthans' John K. Samson. His new album Winter Wheat dropped a week or so ago and it's nice, soothing and a great way to wind down a fairly crazy week. He's also released a well done and whimsical animated video that's worth a watch.

RIYL: The Weakerthans, mewithoutYou, Bear vs. Shark, R.E.M., Propagandahi

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