The Drones - Boredom

| Keith
The ‘burbs are growing like a fingernail
Slower than the dullest pain
I want the hunger and cold of the knights of old
When there was blood up to the Himalayas
I’m saying farewell to the welfare state
The only comfort is a caliphate
I'm guessing war sure beats any old North Shore beach
Or any western suburb single player
I'm looking for the type of test
A cataclysm make me beat my chest
Man, any kind of 'ism' beats a singing competition
On a TV fat with gnash and wail
They got me singing in a different scale
Don’t wanna push no pram
Or join a bikie gang
Or flip a burger for the infidel
No one ever lives to tell
What’s at the bottom of an oil well

Let's keep it a bit odd. The Drones, from Perth, Austrailia, were described to me as "hard to get into" by my friend and co-worker James Bryant. I gave them a listen and was struck how much they reminded me of The Hold Steady, while at the same time, not being all that similar. Yeah, I know. Weird. But also creative, poetic and, at times, rockin'.

I've given them a few decent hours of listening time and I'm impressed with what I'm hearing, despite that steep curve. They are hard to get into but there's something compelling and cool to their sound and it might be worth that initial awkward phase. Give today's Most Important, "Boredom" a listen, and if you're intrigued, check out James' Drones Gateway playlist on Spotify or their latest album, Feelin' Kinda Free.

RIYL: The Hold Steady, The Mars Volta, ...And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead

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