PAPA - Hold On

| Kerri
If you let them, they'll tell you what clothes to wear
So every time you see some asshole walking down the street in your tee shirt
You wonder, "Hey, is that me?"
And if you let them, they'll tell which records to buy
Which sound nothing like the love you make
But would be the soundtrack for your misery

PAPA is, basically, your sexiest nightmare, a group of (spicy bold amoebas) guys out of Encino, CA. The lead singer is also the drummer, so that's fun. Their lyrics and sound are refreshing modern indie rock that is too irreverent to be hipster, and yet still too cool for school. I have a lot of favorites in their back catalogue, but off their latest release (Kick the Dust, came out last month) it was a real coin toss to share this track or "Comfort's a Killer" so I'm giving you a bonus track...  Happy weekend, all!

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