Lucy Dacus - Next of Kin

| Keith

SWSW is almost here! Hopefully the next week or so will see Kerri and I showcasing some new finds as we run around Austin enjoying the music. We'll see. So, let's start with one I'm excited to see!

Lucy Dacus' new album, Historian, is quite good. And a difficult one to choose a Most Important song from. In the end I went with "Next of Kin", a catchy track that showcases Lucy's lovely voice as a perfect pair for grinding, garage guitars. I could have easily went with the fantastic, if quite different, "Night Shift", which is also a stand out on an album of really good songs.

RIYL: Caroline Rose, TORRES, Albert Hammond Jr, Waxahatchee

New Order - Ceremony

| Kerri

Going old school on TMIS again today. You may remember that I read both of Peter Hook's memoir/band biographies last year. And then, I don't think I mentioned it on here but, one of the highlights of ACL last fall was seeing Day Wave on a small stage, with a small crowd, and hearing him cover this song, Ceremony (just like he did at SXSW the year before). The bass on this is like plucking my heart strings, pulling on my joints to make me bob and sway and feel it -- and I'll get to see the original dude playing it in a relatively small venue!!! I am enormously stoked because Hooky is coming to Austin on his "Substance" tour where he's covering BOTH complete Substance compilations from JD & NE!! (Link to set list.) Fingers crossed for what the vocals sound like but I'm already expecting this to be an all-time-highlight show, for me, and I kinda can't believe it's not sold out here already. Check out the tour dates below to see if you'll be as lucky! (Yes I'm posting Peter Hook & The Light tour not New Order)

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Hop Along - Not Abel

| Keith

A casual listen of Philadelphia's Hop Along might give you the impression that they're a fiery, but fairly straight-ahead indie rock outfit putting out punchy, poppy indie rock tracks with polish and passion. And you'd be half-right, but there is more going on here. There's another, deeper and more sophisticated layer to their work that's very much on display in today's Most Important, "Not Abel", from their forthcoming album Bark Your Head Off, Dog, a complicated, eclectic track that shows off their depth.

RIYL: Eisley, Cayetana, Slingshot Dakota, Rilo Kiley

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