Declan McKenna - Why Do You Feel So Down

| Kerri
So don't lie to me
I know I'm not as cool as I try to be
But why do you feel so down?
Again, I know I'm not a very good friend
Why do you feel so down?
Sure, that's not something I'd stick around for
Why do you feel so down?
Oh God, I know you think I'm safe and sound, I'm not
Why do you feel so down?

Declan finally released his full LP! This is the ninth track and I read it's one of the first he wrote/recorded. He's rather apologetic about it, claiming he was "a confused baby" when starting on the album and referring to this as "an almost pisstake dance tune" so I guess expect less of this mood going forward ha! But I think the sentiments here fit with all the rest we've heard from him so far - and he should cut himself a little slack, as I'm impressed with the thoughtfulness of his lyrics (speaking of all his songs collectively) and certainly don't mind if I can dance to them. 

RIYL: Sundara Karma, Lewis Del Mar, Day Wave, Atlas Genius

The Smith Street Band - Death to the Lads

| Keith
Staying in a hotel full of pilots
I can't believe that they are smoking
If you mastered the art of flight
Why would you spend half your time choking?
Sleeping in a bedroom full of assholes surely means I am one too
And I wake up and I go walking
And I think the wrong thing about you

Melbourne's Will Wagner, the front man for The Smith Street Band reminds me a lot of Frank Turner, who is one of my all-time favorites, so that's saying something. He also reminds me a bit of Georgia "Maq" McDonald of Camp Cope, probably that pronounced accent. It's great. Their latest release, More Scared of You Than You Are of Me, which came out back in April, is a lot of fun. If you're into folksy punk rock (yeah that's a thing) they would be right up your alley.

RIYL: Billy Bragg, Frank Turner, Camp Cope, Gang of Youths

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Circa Survive - Lustration

| Keith
Inside the catacomb
The marbles colder than ice
Our match is damp
Lit with a separate hand
I see into your world
You make no effort to hide
The tourniquet
Candles in a salt ring will dance
You don't have to repent tonight at all

The latest single from prog/emo rock outfit Circa Survive is very evocative of the music that broke them. Anthony Green's vocal delivery is terrific, as expected, and "Lustration" feels a lot like his solo work, but it also harkens back to Circa Survive's mellower stuff like "Living Together" and it's a bit nostalgic, but at the same time, makes me excited for their new stuff.

RIYL: The Dear Hunter, Tides of Man, Minus The Bear, The Fall of Troy

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