Moss - The Promise

| Keith
When it feels right you know it
Be don't so cute don't let it die
Now, she's right
Stay together no goodbye

Amsterdam band Moss makes polished, sophisticated indie rock. Their new album, Strike, is full of tight, compelling tracks that feel like a family, but also hit on a variety of arrangements and themes that keep it interesting. They can venture a bit into a math-rock jam here and there, but it mostly works.

RIYL: Nada Surf, Sloane, Matt Pond PA, Midlake, Pinback

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Family Friends - Look the Other Way

| Kerri
If you are looking at me
I will be looking at you

What you might expect: an indie band named "Family Friends" is made up of a brother-sister duo creating melodic lo-fi rock. What you might expect from the bloggers at TMIS: to showcase a little known alt act from Melbourne, residing in London. Thank you, Technology, for allowing tiny, uncomplicated acts like this to hit our ears anywhere we are. 

RIYL: Mitski, Cayetana, Best Coast, Beach Fossils

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Bad//Dreems - Feeling Remains

| Keith

My brother turned me on to Adelaide rockers Bad//Dreems and it's good stuff. They play a mostly straight-ahead rock style that feels throwback, with solid 70's or 80's punk influences, as clearly evidenced by today's Most Important, "Feeling Remains", which also has a hilarious video.

RIYL: Hot Snakes, Pissed Jeans, Wire, X

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