Lemuria - Wanted to Be Yours

| Keith

Let's start off 2017 with a little fun (and some more frequent posting!) with a number from Buffalo's Lemuria. It's a bit different for them, with more of an upbeat pop sound, but, fuck it, I like it. If it rubs you the wrong way, don't worry, the rest of their latest album, Recreational Hate, should be more up your alley. Tracks like "Sliver of Change" and "Christine Perfect" are fantastic and should scratch that itch for you.

RIYL: Cayetana, Slingshot Dakota, Jawbreaker, Hop Along, Eisley

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Keith's Top 10 of 2017

| Keith

I don't have too much to say here except that 2017 was a great year for new music and I'm excited to see what 2018 brings. My favorite albums of the year are mostly reflected here in my list, which is presented in no particular order. I will say that I think Mt. Eddy's Chroma was my favorite album of the year and I'm hoping there is a vinyl pressing of that gem soon.